Toy Theater offers educational math, literacy, and art activities and games. We began in 2001 and have grown to over a million users per year. Focused on early learners, teachers trust our site to provide safe and effective educational content. Our site is also entirely free, providing accessible online learning tools to teachers around the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute to education by offering free, accessible, and high-quality online learning activities.


Joel Gaspard, Founder

Joel is an artist, designer and developer, who uses interactive media to find new ways to encourage learning. Joel began Toy Theater with a desire to put his art to use beyond the enjoyment he got from creating. He has turned this simple idea into a site used in hundreds of classrooms around the world for almost twenty years. He is constantly sketching, creating, thinking, learning, and revising games and activities on the site. Every decision is made with care to fulfill his mission to provide high quality educational games.

Joel’s favorite game is Basketball because it integrates a popular sport with a physics engine to give the feel of the actual game in 2D. It also incorporates the transition from addition to multiplication by allowing kids to use either method to answer the questions and uses the basketball game metaphor of distance equals more points. (Also, he’s been a loyal Boston Celtics fan since Larry Bird owned the court. Go green!)

Contributing Artists

Peter Bajohr

A graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design, Peter has worked as a graphic designer / art director / illustrator for 20 years. Work: Monster Masks, Greek Mythology Portfolio: http://www.peterbajohr.com

Ben KG

Ben is a freelance illustrator and animator. Work: Pattern, Number Pattern, Shape Pattern, Memory, Moves, Basketball, Batter, Quarterback, Cavern, Wind, Bingo, Kayak, Multiply Race, Bug Catcher, Skip Count Race, Cowboy, Find, Word Find 1, Word Find 3, Word Find 5 Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/benkg

Bobb Klissourski

Bobb Klissourski is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator. who has about 20 years experience as a 2D animator and as a comic book artist. He loves to illustrate for children. Work: Word Find 2 Portfolio: http://bobbart.deviantart.com/

Boggart Owl

Boggart Owl is a freelance illustrator based in Russia. She enjoys drawing animals, portraits and comics, also having 2D animation and linocut printing for hobbies. Work: Word Find 4, Word Find 6, How Many Portfolio: http://boggartowl.deviantart.com/

Sergey Kostik

Sergey Kostik is freelance illustrator from Russia. He is making art for games, doing illustrations and animations. He learned to do pixel arts from demoscene community and early computer systems like ZX-Spectrum and Amiga. Hobby became professional career and now he never stops to learn and search for the new creative ideas and art forms. Work: Build Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/raynoa