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    Eye damage in this disease is quite common. Without appropriate treatment, visual impairment or complete loss of vision may develop. The acute period of the disease begins with the first clinical manifestations (usually one month after infection with pathogenic Brucella species) and lasts no more than one and a half months. However, it should be noted that in some cases (for example, in people with a weakened immune system or with a low initial dose of the pathogen), the first symptoms of the disease may appear 2 or 3 months after infection.

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    It is important to note the fact that even with severe intoxication and an increase in body temperature, the general well-being of patients remains relatively stable, which is a common cause of errors during diagnosis. Damage to various organs for acute brucellosis is not typical, however, in especially severe cases, already during first slots online weeks, patients may experience pain in the joints and muscles, damage to the reproductive, nervous and other systems.

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    At the same time, with re-infection (for example, if a sick person continues to contact infected animals), a longer course of the disease is possible. The prognosis in this case is extremely unfavorable, since developing organ lesions can become irreversible. A complete blood count (CBC) usually does not reveal any specific changes. Nevertheless, nonspecific signs of inflammation in the body help to determine the stage of the disease and assess the activity of the infectious-inflammatory process.

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It is possible to suspect the diagnosis of brucellosis after a thorough questioning of the patient, as well as on the basisresearch data of clinical examination and data on the epidemiological situation in the area. At the same time, to confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct a number of laboratory tests.

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Such a clinical picture can be observed for 2-3 years, while the symptoms of damage to various organs and systems will progress after each new exacerbation of the disease.

The lesions of organs and systems arising from subacute brucellosis are ofcasino games for real money, that is, with timely initiated and adequately conducted treatment, they can be completely eliminated. Chronic brucellosis is diagnosed in patients who have clinical and/or laboratory signs of the disease for 4 months or longer. During this time, the body's immune system has time to rebuild, as a result of which it begins to react differently to the brucella developing in it.

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Exacerbations of the disease are observed less frequently, and the fever is not so pronounced. The periods of remission between two subsequent exacerbations can last for several months, however, the complete disappearance of all symptoms does not occur, since various organs and systems are affected.

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Subacute brucellosis is said to occur if clinical symptoms persist for 1.5 to 4 months. A distinctive feature of the subacute form of the disease is the undulating course of fever. The body temperature in such patients is usually elevated, and in most patients there is a fluctuation in the temperature curve even during the day (in the morning there may be mild subfebrile condition, and in the evening the temperature may exceed 40 degrees). After a few days, the temperature curve returns to normal (which is accompanied by a subsidence ofgambling sites), but after a short period of time, the fever worsens again.