Stop Watch

On your marks, get set, go! It’s time to see how quickly you can clean up the classroom and line up for recess! Or, perhaps you’d like to challenge students to achieve their personal best time answering a deck of multiplication flash cards. Can they beat 3 minutes?

The online stopwatch is simple, easy, and fun to use. Simply press start and stop to time one student, a small group, or the whole class. Press reset to start the stopwatch over again.

A stopwatch is a useful teacher tool you can use to challenge students and bring an element of fun and excitement to the classroom. A little bit of friendly competition can motivate students to

get their work done or encourage them to clean up more efficiently. Not only that, but the stopwatch can help students develop their sense of time. After using the stopwatch in the classroom, students may be better at estimating how long tasks will take or at determining how much time has passed. Have students use the stopwatch themselves to encourage personal growth. Or, use it in small groups and whole class settings.

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