Multiplication Chart 1 to 12


Multiplication Chart 1-12

Do your students need to memorize their multiplication facts up to 12?

Accuracy and automaticity in multiplication facts up to 12 will help students greatly as they tackle more complex and challenging math tasks. Knowing the multiplication tables will help students solve division problems, analyze word problems, and use critical thinking skills.

Are you ready to use the chart?

Start by choosing the color on the left side of the chart. Then, highlight the product and corresponding factors by tapping on any product. Once you’ve tapped the product, you’ll notice that the equation will also appear at the bottom of the chart.

Tap the “Paint ON” button to highlight more than one selection at once. In this way, you can use the highlighting feature to show patterns. The “Paint OFF” button means that only one product will be highlighted at once. Use the trash can button to clear the chart.

You can use the chart to demonstrate the commutative property of multiplication. This rule states that the product remains the same no matter what order the factors are written. For example 5 x 3 = 15 and 3 x 5 = 15.

Here’s one fun activity for practicing multiplication facts with the chart:

  1. Assign or ask students to work in pairs.
  2. One student will use the chart and the other one can’t see it.
  3. The student with the chart quizzes the other student on multiplication facts.
  4. Then, they take turns!

Up the ante by challenging the whole class to a multiplication competition afterward.

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